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Document Management Consulting

Document Management Consulting Services

Get your ECM project started with confidence. We provide a variety of professional consulting services to help you get your ECM or document management project started or to move it along when you need additional resources or support. We develop business, functional, and technical requirements, write RFPs, help with vendor selection, and provide project oversight during implementation. Our document management consulting services are objective and independent of any vendor influence. We do not sell or resell any hardware or software products or have agreements to specifically recommend any vendors or products.

Depending on your needs, we can provide the following:

  • Technology / Strategy Review and Update

  • Existing System Viability Review / Strategy Session

  • Complete ECM Feasibility Study / ECM System Purchase

  • Document Backfile Conversion Project

  • Manage Project Implementation

  • Provide Project Oversight

We have direct experience all of the above and have developed an established process for this work.

Technology and Strategy Review Session

Are you interested in document management but confused as to what technology does what and why? Are you thinking SharePoint but wondering what the other cloud-based collaborative applications (EFSS or CCM) can do? Could you simply scan your documents in-house and store them or should you use a service bureau for the capture process? Let us help you with the technology fundamentals before you commit to a technology that may not be right for your application. This is typically a 1/2+ day session with all of the appropriate personnel present. Session will include reviews of document imaging, document scanning, electronic document management, records management, workflow, cloud collaboration technologies, and will cover key areas such as:

  • Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) or Cloud Content Management (CCM) systems and SaaS strategies versus in-house ECM systems?

  • Difference between document imaging, document management, workflow, and records management.

  • How mature are these industries?

  • Implementation strategies - in-house, outsourced, service bureau? What are the pros and cons of each.

  • Requirements drive vendor selection - are you ready to develop business, functional, and technical requirements?

  • Are there mistakes others have made that you can avoid?

  • Where is this industry heading and how that will affect your decision?

Prior to starting, a "Get Started" questionnaire will be sent to the participants. This questionnaire will help you prepare for the session. This session can also be used to do a high-level audit of your existing system functionality and to compare it to current technologies.

Review my article: How to Hire a Document Management Consultant

Project Review and Strategy Session

Before you start down the long and costly road toward a document management system, ensure you (1) understand your own needs and (2) understand the basics of the technology. We will briefly assess your need for the technology, put our findings into a report, and strategize with you during the report presentation. This type of study can be anywhere from 5 to 15 days, including on-site time, developing the report, and making the final presentation. Included in this session is the Technology and Strategy Review Session describe above.

Existing ECM Project Audit (Review and Strategy Session)

Not sure your existing ECM or EFSS system is functioning correctly or that you are making the best use of the system and applications? Are your users complaining about not finding documents or do you have missing documents? It may be time to audit your existing system. First we will document what the complaints are and who is complaining. Next we will audit your system and usage and determine if it is being used correctly or if there is functionality that is missing. The result will be a report and presentation about your system with recommendations.

See my article: Is It Time for an Electronic Document Management System Audit?

Document Backfile Conversion Project

Paper is not going away and in fact, it seems that even more paper is being generated every day. Paper can be a costly storage medium - and it is susceptible to damage, being lost, or accidentally destroyed. If you are involved in a lawsuit, providing paper documents can be time consuming and expensive. Scanning your documents can be a cost effective method for storing your paper - and retrieving it. Contact us prior to getting started on your document conversion or backfile conversion project for a detailed planning session and document conversion presentation. We maintain a staff of document conversion consultants that will provide you functional, system, and technical requirements needed to bring a document conversion vendor on board for your project. Read my Blog on this conversion strategies.

Complete ECM Technology/Feasibility Study

We can provide a complete document management feasibility study for your project. Study may be for document imaging consulting, document management consulting, or both. This study typically includes the following:

  • Needs assessment for each business unit or department involved in the study

  • Business case development

  • Functional requirements analysis and development

  • System requirements analysis and development

  • Workflow requirements analysis and development

  • Document conversion requirements (if needed)

  • Final report on your intended application(s)

  • Procurement planning and options

  • RFP writing and/or RFP writing support

  • Vendor evaluation and selection support

  • Project implementation oversight

When the study is complete, we will present our findings in a formal presentation and report.

Speaking Engagements

We are available to speak at your company, event, or webinar on electronic document management topics and strategies - document imaging, electronic document management, records management and cloud content management. I am a frequent speaker at AIIM and ARMA chapter events and speak at other meetings and corporate events. An overview presentation, for example, on Cloud Content Management strategies and technologies may be  appropriate for senior management when considering the implementation of a cloud-based collaboration system. Please contact us to discuss your opportunity. See About Us for a partial list of previous engagements.

Articles and White Papers

We are available to write articles and white papers for you on a variety of topics in the document management and workflow area. Please contact us for additional information. Examples can be found in the Resources section.

RFP Consulting

We are available to help you strategize about RFPs and/or can serve as your RFP Consultant. RFP Services range from initial RFP strategies to helping you write an RFP, evaluating responses, and negotiating the contract. We have written RFPs for document imaging projects, document conversion projects, electronic document management projects, and combinations of all three. You can purchase my book, Request for Proposal: A Guide to Effective RFP Development  through Amazon.

Proposal Consulting

We are available to help you strategize about sales proposal writing and/or can serve as your Proposal Consultant for a current sales proposal effort. Proposal Services range from initial proposal development strategies to helping you write the proposal, evaluating your proposal, and evaluating RFPs for bid/no bid decisions.

For additional information about our consulting services, see our Capability Statement

Download, use, and modify, my proposal Bid/No-bid Checklist

Contact us for more information on these and other services that are available. Prices are dependent on the size of the effort. See also our list of clients and example project descriptions.


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